Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thoughts on Foriegn oil

America's fiscal position has reached crisis proportions similar to that of the Carter Administration, yet we're still getting 70 % of our oil from foriegn sources.

While I understand that it's impossible to get that number down to nothing, it would be interesting to experiment with an idea....Ok

There are thousands of wells, OIL wells, all around this country, mainly in the South (our family has three of them, in Texas and Louisiana) that were capped by the government back in the 60's and 70's for a variety of reasons. As such, some of them have been uncapped since then and are providing oil, natural gas and income.

Consider this: If all of the families allowed the government to put their properties into a giant trust (with the drilling rights and proceeds borrowed from the families at a 1 or 2 % interest rate) and the proceeds were used with STRICT oversights to provide financial assistance for companies needing the most urgent assistance: (ineligible expenses include; lifetime benefits for top executives, golden parachutes, back-bonuses, investigative costs and/or legal fees, etc)

How long would it take for the American people to bail ourselves out? this is what we do best. We don't want to become another welfare state.

This could work - so long as Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank and Obama's people didn't pick it apart and start dishing it out to the welfare masses before it's able to make a difference.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Joy Behar's pubes are on fire again

I can't get over this old bat- This retarded cow is freaking out because Sarah Palin allowed herself to be interviewed in her kitchen in Alaska (by Greta VS @ Fox) while holding her youngest child and doing various chores?

Uh.....who gives a crap? Joy didn't like how it looked. First, Joy is jealous. She'd hate the situation, regardless of the presentation. Second, she hates Palin, because Palin is beautiful, intelligent, sexually confident and clearly happy in her role as sought after Leading lady of the Republican Party. Plus I think Joy is a little hot for Mrs. Palin's husband, Todd, the 'First Dude'

But who wouldn't be? He's daring, hot, loves kids, loves his wife, is supportive and is all man. Something Joy knows nothing about. She would drive a man like that away the first time she opened her negative choppers.

Joy - here's some advice. Shut up about Sarah Palin - Go home, dear, squat over your sprinkler, take off your underwear and hose off your lady business. put out the fire, your pubes are on fire.

and you stink. you stink something fierce. time to retire. you're stinking up the show.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Nancy Pelosi - IQ of a potted plant??

So...the auto industry, Pelosi and her liberal goon friends (especially the union boys in Detroit) is whining about needing more money...naturally, they get a whiff of money whirling around and terrified that they'll miss out on a free ride, they're hand is out faster than the welfare line fills up on the 30th of the month in certain parts of the country.

You know, people, it's annoying to people who understand the value of going to work and putting in a full day for their paycheck! Prior to 2007, I worked full time and really enjoyed it. This bail-out situation is really a mess for the Nation. If we don't do it, we stand to risk losing millions of jobs (3,000,000 to be exact) which would further cripple areas of Michigan that are already experiencing troubling levels of unemployment.

Latest Statistics show that roughly one in ten jobs nation wide is tied to our Auto business. But these bailouts should have limits, should they not? Shouldn't the auto industry, such as GM, which claims to be failing, (without a bailout) be subjected to the same restrictions and hardships as every other business in the US of A? Shouldn't they be forced into bankruptcy which will force them to reorganize, revamp their management and be more 'careful' with their fiscal oversights?

Especially since a large portion of what they're asking for seems to be for bonuses and lifetime healthcare benefits? what's this crap all about? No one else in the business world gets this kind of care...why should the auto industry? Speaking of these slow to adapt turds, before you get all 'it's American to save them' on me, consider that they're coming out with a new Hummer in 2 years that gets 6 MPG!!! How worth saving is that??

Now how much do you feel like cooperating with Ms. Pelosi? I feel like this stupid broad has us at gunpoint.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Unite the Nation as an Example

The Wall Street Journal had an article discussing the dismal treatment of President Bush, by both parties, the media and the public.

It got me to thinking....What would happen if the Republicans, Conservative Independents (like me) media (like Fox, O'Reilly, Hannity, Coulter & others) and other concerned rose up and treated our President elect Obama (bile rising up my throat as I picture the extra taxes being sucked out of ours and millions of Americans budgets and worry about how the smaller businesses in Ventura will stay open) like they've treated President Bush for all of these years?

Never mind. it's not the right thing to do. Titus 3:1-2 says to be subject to the rulers and authorities and to be obedient, to be ready to do whatever is good and decent, and to not slander no one, to be peaceable and considerate. To show true humility toward all men. (additional references can be found within Ephesians 4:31; 2 Timothy 2:24 )

It's so difficult for me to follow God's instruction when watching Bush grieve publicly under the weight of what must be such public humiliation. America has been hurtful to him and as with so many great leaders of our past, only time will tell how his Leadership has truly impacted our history for the good or for the bad.

I know that personally, when I see things like Sean Penn on the news protesting the Iraq war, getting on a plane and going overseas to 'offer his support' to weird countries, it makes me wish that our country would revoke his passport and say 'okay, Treasonist, if you want to be a foriegn relations expert - and hate America so much - stay out! we'll pack your things and send them to you in the country of your choice. just not ours!'

Now that Obama has won the election, we must get behind him 100 % as a nation, because it's the right thing to do. But I'll be watching, along with every conservative critic in the United States of America. Every dime brought into our household depends on it. I'll admit, back when I was in my early twenties, I voted for Clinton the first time around - most kids go through a liberal phase when they are young. They are testing the waters, separate from their parents. They want to know who they are as individuals, where their values are. There is a saying that If you don't vote democrat in your twenties you don't have a heart...but if you don't vote Republican in your thirties, you don't have a brain.

I don't know if that's true or not. I think the right thing to do is to vote your conscious. My conscious doesn't like high taxes, partial birth abortion, flaky oversights on banking, weenie foriegn policy (face it - Al Gore & John Kerry would have turned the U.S. into a big parking lot with their Wuss foriegn relations - the leftie pinko a-holes should be kissing Bush's arse that he's a cowboy for that at least!)

My plea to Conservatives: get behind Obama. Take a deep breath a re-read that sentence. Yes, I am still unsure of him completely. I still think he's a muslim masked as a faux christian. still think he's unqualified in every way. doesn't matter. he got there. nothing we can say will change that and that's the way it goes. he needs our support. He deserves our respect. He does not need a nation divided. A united Nation will hopefully yield a stronger Country.

Perhaps we can set an example for the left that there is a way to treat people you disagree with - being in prayer, staying in faith, hoping that this drastic new shocking move in Washington can perhaps unify Americans, Christians and Secular, for the good of all mankind.

One last note: Please consider teaching your children to respect authority, regardless of their opinion. it's a dying breed in our Nation. We've become a surly society of 'me first' bratty people, which doesn't lend much sympathy to our case to oursiders. It would strengthen our position greatly. And it would serve our Kids and Country well.

Deepak Chopra's Stupid Sandwich

In a recent Washington Post editorial, Deepak Chopra suggests that Americans should keep 'God' out of the polling booths. I realize that he is entitled to his opinion, but can't believe this overly pampered yoga-twit is suggesting American's check their values at the door just because he seems to live (and get paid) to live in a fantasy world filled with junk science and feel good theories about human existence.

People, I realize that most people would rather read Oprah inspired crap and watch reality television than think but regardless of how much brainwashing Dr. Chopra does, we are still a nation under GOD, not false misleading self-worship. Thank Goodness almost half of America agrees with me

Sunday, November 2, 2008

SlumMonkey Trillionaire: Best Bank Robber in the History of the U.S.A.

Has anyone else noticed that every single time Obama opens his big yap the dow drops more? Is he TRYING to drain it to nothing? He's either following a pre-determined plan or he's the dumbest Ass-hat on the face of the earth. My personal feeling? he's alot of both. (by the way, the photo to the left shows Rahm Emanuel from his ballet days )
I'm curious as to how they're going to navigate Universal health care into this dog turd of a plan? Please don't forget that when Reagan took office he ALSO had a huge financial mess to fix and his thinking was 'personal responsibility ' tax incentives, put the people to work, engage the American public, (tell them EXACTLY what is going on!) lower taxes, (not raise business taxes, ya idiot!) carefully navigate the sensitive waters of foriegn affairs, not 'try to friend everyone like they're your buddies on facebook!'
And he's given Pelosi free reign with a checkbook with so many freaking zeros that no one can even count that high! They're not even reading the legislation that he's signing into law!! it's nuts, goes against even the most liberal American policies, teeters blatantly into Socialism and is against everything we stand for as Americans. The scary part? There are still nearly half the Country that is buying this guy's bullshit like it's manna from heaven. What the HELL? he's nothing but a used car salesman!! Why wouldn't they listen when we brought up concerns with the people he surrounded himself with as he was gaining in power and coming up through the ranks in Chicago? his entire life from his parents to his friends and business associates have been complete and total scum. So why would we expect his Presidency to be any differently?
The bible talks about watching the company you keep, lest you catch fleas from laying down with the dogs. and this guy's entire life path has been nothing but one kennel after another. And now he's dragged us into Universal health care, a new department that focuses on Reparations, (which is completely inappropriate, what in the hell do you think WELFARE is for??) new cabinet choice after new cabinet choice of fallen people who don't pay their taxes and have a history of other shady business dealings, mistress problems, etc., when is the left going to learn that this is NOT what our founding fathers had in mind?? Is this what Clinton set us up for with his endless blowjobs and lying to congress about his relationship with Monica Lewinsky? We can no longer trust our leaders to do the right thing?
Or are we just paying the price because his actions might suggest that he hates all whites and feels oppressed because he was abandoned by his black father (also a 'prize' individual who died a violent death under icky circumstances) and perhaps this is his revenge for years of embarrassment of growing up in a white household in a run down slum?
In summary, I would propose that Obama is about as capable to lead the free world as he might be in performing brain surgery or giving birth to a human being. In short, he's NOT. He might be able to manage a deep fryer at McDonald's or a Booth at a Carnival but that's about as far as I'd stretch his skill set. From what I've seen, thus far? not impressive. He regurtitates the same shit over and over again and the only reason people are lapping it up is they're under some idiotic liberal spell, spun by the left wing media, Obama's retarded worship mongers, such as Joy Behar, Katie Couric, David Letterman and those sorts who use their public platform to spread their message. It's effective. (we're still SMARTER. )
But you libtards will see. Republicans will teach you a lesson. Most of us will change our tax filing status to 1099 and and come tax time we'll just explain in a simple note that we're not able to fund Marxism and that we expect to be treated with the same courtesy that the Admin showed Barney Frank, Obama, Tom Daschle and the others. Not much they can say if the other 47 % do it, is there? And then what are you guys who are already on the tit going to do? where will your welfare come from if we're refusing to pay for it? because the truth is, weenies, you've been enjoying employment free freedom at OUR expense for long enough. time to get a J O B. that's right, a job. If you want to serve your master, you can work for it now too. but don't fret, we know how you LOVE having decisions taken away from you - and this is one that we've taken from you as well! Once our tax money is gone from the system, your welfare system collapses. too bad, so sad. Maybe your Uncle Obama will shell out some bucks. and if not, Harriet probably has room in her house. Cheers!! :)

Greedy little Pigs!

Americans, We are at war! it is not the war in Iraq that I now speak of, however, it the one with the man who is trying to become the leader of our free nation. His name is Barack Obama and He's running under false pretenses, hiding relationships and for reasons I'll never understand (perhaps unresolved rage against his absent father?) angry and hateful against anything patriotic, traditional or American. Before you throw your newspaper down in disgust, please humor me by reading on:

Down & Dirty: Under the Carter Administration, the Community Reinvestment Act was introduced to assist families with home-buying, in the hopes of stimulating a stagnant economy. It somewhat worked and things were ok until 1995 when Golden Boy Clinton decided to kick it up a notch by adding massive provisions, like Countrywide not mitigating loan risk using new subprime authorization. These (idiotic) revisions allowed (irresponsible) banks (who should have banded together and balked) to loan one trillion dollars (yes, with a T) in subprime loans to people with shaky credit, which in turn created bad paper (shaky investment securities within those companies) which of course were bought up very quickly, first by Bear Stearns. (which has since then marched swiftly down the path to BK)

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac made it way too easy then for people, rarely requiring income and penalizing Banks for not complying with their law - and the penalities were huge. Banks mostly complied because the temptation was too great and top executives enjoyed big payoffs. The lawsuit against Citibank was humungo and scared other banks against not complying with the ridiculous, draconian rules.

Housing prices and values rose but eventually so did interest rates, which hurt affordability, clients ability to pay their mortages as well as their capability to turn them into traditional 30 year loans. This shift hurt the housing market, leading to a rise in foreclosures and it wasn't long before the Nation was in full crisis mode. Once Banks began to wobble, Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac shares took a dive and we started to really hear about it on mainstream news (which means, people literally walking out of huge banks with boxes filled with belongings and carrying computer equipment!!) it was too late for anyone to do too much except fingerpoint. (especially Obama on the news ripping on Bush and talking about the 'need for change! well, keep reading my babies!!!) There had been talk for years but the warnings had gone unheeded. Who had been talking? Did you hear anything? I've gone to the grocery store several times over the past couple of weeks and have heard angry neighbors talk about what an 'idiot this President Bush is!!! he's such a doof! we should impeach him!!! ' Well, wait up folks, it's not that simple. Bush has some history here, but not on the side you think.

In 2003, according to the New York Times (a liberal publication) President Bush proposed a new regulatory oversite Agency to do nothing but 'babysit' Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac. Guess what? Democrat Barney the genius Frank shot it down, along with his friends on the hill and it didn't pass. Said he didn't want to 'hurt' the financial industry. NICE! Barney Frank or Barney Rubble?

Again in 2005, according to the 'Minority Report', John McCain co-sponsored a bill 'The housing enterprise regulatory act of 2005' and AGAIN it was blocked by the dems, but it came back in 2007 but it was blocked by Democrat Chris Dodd (you can call him Dud) and friends of the hill and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Also involved in this, 'no, no, can't do this!' was Senator Barack Obama' , along with his friends. (Naturally Obama didn't want it regulated! they were enjoying their golden paydays! their party might end and that would suck!)

Jim John, sweetheart loan recipient from Countrywide Mortgage, managing director of Lehman brothers (from 1985-1990) which is now bankrupt, was CEO of Fannie Mae from 1991-1998 then when CRA was expanded, this corrupt embarrassment to his community allegedly deferred 200 million dollars in expenses, Fannie Mae under reported his compensation, originally reported as 6.7 million and it was actually closer to 21 million - at that time he gave Obama a donation of the maximum of $4600.00

Now he's a private (wealthy) banker and is on the Board of Goldman Sachs, which has donated another $700,000 to Barack Obama, as well as another half million dollars through a process called 'bundling'

His advisor, Jim Johnson, quit under fire, but also enjoys the benefits of a 'sweetheart loan' (mostly no interest loan)

Obama's 'personal advisor' (McCain might have several houses but I'm pretty sure none of them were procured with funding through means such as this!!) was the in charge of the CRA under the Carter Admin from 77-79 and then was an investment banker from 1980-1991 at Lazard Ltd, from 1991-1996 he was Vice Chair of Fannie Mae when the CRA expanded.

from 1996-1998 he was OMB Director under Clinton and from 1999-2004 he was CEO at Fannie Mae but stepped down WITH A 25 MILLION DOLLAR PARACHUTE after SEVERAL 'ACCOUNTING irregularities were found. does that mean what I think it does? then why the golden parachute? and why are we paying for it? who is in charge here? we should be OUTRAGED!!!!!

Now, for the biggie. Barack "Change you can believe in" collected more money in ...what do we call them? donations? kick backs? consulting fees? I don't really know. hourly wage? good grief. would love to ask him what he really did for that money - but I digress! The fact is, he collected more in three years than John Kerry collected in 20 years! Obama took the 3rd biggest payout from the agency from anyone - even the Accounting 'wizard with the freakishly large parachute! 'My Goodness, how are these people not in JAIL???In fact, breaking down, John McCain has collected 862.00 per year (from the agencies - and this is a breakdown, on average) and Obama has gotten 42,116 DOLLARS PER YEAR. PER YEAR!!!

Plus, this man who refuses to say the National Anthem (doesn't want to 'offend anyone - I say ' who? one of his terrorist friends??? get OUT of this country if you are ashamed!!!! shame on YOU sir!!!!!!!!!) used to work for Miner, Barnhill & Galland. Folks, this is the law firm that sued banks for not issuing enough subprime mortgages.

Ladies and Gentlemen, from refusing to sign legislation allowing stronger reform of the financial industry to prosecuting the financial industry for not lending enough of these shaky loans, you now KNOW who is behind the financial mess. Our democratic candidate.

Change we can believe in?

Excuse can keep that change!!!